Welcome to the Kingdom of Kākāpō

— a MATTR production

Having just arrived in the Kingdom of KakapoA fantacy country made up by the team at MATTR to showcase what we envision as the next generation of the internet, you notice that a lot of what used to be paper-based hard work back at home, has gone digital in this land!

You come bearing plenty of rimu fruitsSweet treat, but more importantly high in vitamin D and calcium – vital for breeding season diet and supplejack vinesTough and fibrous – chewing through them extracts the nutrients for King Kakapo and just like any precious material, we need to keep it safe in a bank. By the end of this journey, you will have opened a bank account using verifiable credentials. The steps below will guide you through a three-part experience from claiming a form of identity, to getting a proof of address, and finally opening a bank account.

To get started, you will need to download the MATTR Wallet from the iOS App Store or Google Play on Android.

Step 1

Government of Kakapo

In order to get started, the first thing we need is some form of identity. The Kakapo Government has sent you a letter to claim your passport in a digital format.

Open government letter →

Step 2

Kakapo Power

You’ve found yourself a nice place to live in and have chosen Kakapo Power as your electricity provider. Why? Well because they allow you to get a proof of address in a digital format!

Log in to Kakapo Power →

Step 3

Bank of Kakapo

Every one needs some place to store money (plus fruits and vines). You’re no different. However, while the process of opening an account requires you to go to the bank normally, you can open an account right from the comfort of your home.

Open an account →

So, how does this work?

The Kingdom of Kakapo isn’t using magic – only a little bit of help

MATTR VII delivers digital trust in a scalable manner. Our products are simple, accessible and easy to use, stimulating innovation and new opportunities for value creation.

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